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Xtorrent 2.1v158

Xtorrent 2.1v158

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Xtorrent Editor's Review

Xtorrent is a free BitTorrent client.

This protocol has various clients. Some of them all very known, but some of them are anonymous. I think the one that has the most features is Azureus, but because its high use or resources other clients can fit and take some 'market share'. Other examples are BitRocket or the official client, BitTorrent.

When it comes to BitTorrent protocol related features, I can't say this product has something special. In fact, the list of the features is quite poor. You don't have a great control over the whole download process. The program isn't giving you the possibility to use custom settings for every torrent.

Compared to the official client, it has fewer features. When it comes to management of downloads all I can say is, the fact that it uses a global setting for all downloads. You won't get personalized settings for every torrent. It lacks the support for tracker adding and removing. I couldn't find anything about DHT or PEX (Peer Exchange), so I can't say if it has or not a built-in support for these features.

The only strong feature of this client is the built-in search engine. Just a few BitTorrent clients give you this kind of functionality. I like the fact that it gives you a list with the founded torrents, some statistics about their health, and the possibility to use a one-click download. My point here is, that there are other clients that have this search support, but aren't this well developed.

The search engine also provides you a built in Web browser. When searching for a torrent, beside the normal search window, you get two new tabs with Google Search and Yahoo! Search. These search engines, search the same text as the built in search engine. The only difference is the returned result, which is a list of hyperlinks.

The search query for the Web search engines is always the input word/words plus the word torrent. The built in Web browser is based on the Apple WebKit. It lacks the support for downloads though. If there is a RSS feed, you can send it to your default RSS reader, but I couldn't find any RSS downloader functionality.

Pluses: a strong built-in search engine.

Drawbacks / flaws: it lacks the support for many BitTorrent clients related features.

In conclusion: if you like a lightweight BT client with a strong built in search engine this product might be your choice. If you are looking for advanced and complicated features, then I believe this isn't a good option.

version reviewed: 1.1 v(49)

Xtorrent Publisher's Description

Xtorrent is an advanced torrent client that has been in development for several months. It aims to bring a friendly interface and powerful features to the world of BitTorrent.

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